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ONE >>> Needing some inspiration? This story about a young woman with down syndrome pursuing her dreams is sure to inspire and uplift you. I'm a few weeks late to find this story, but I'm so glad that I did. It's a heart-warming story no doubt, but it also is one that can resonate with each and every one of us. We all have a dream or a goal of some kind and we've all faced rejection in one form or another. Seeing someone push through that adversity and reaching their goals is the ultimate encouragement. TWO >>> Love Brighton's list of what to buy from Amazon. These days I'm all about ordering household staples and groceries from wherever I can get them delivered to my doorstep. Seriously it saves so much time and I'd…

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Monogrammed Bedding

White linens are my love language. No, really they are. From my bath and kitchen towels to my bed linens, it's white on white on white. And it makes me SO happy. I love how clean and classic it looks. There's something subtly elegant about it. And the fact that it makes me feel ever-so-slightly like an adult that has it together doesn't hurt either ;) (more…)

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2017 Book List

One of my favorite things about the new year is putting together a brand new book list! I've decided to only pick ten new books to read this year. I settled on this number since there are a number of titles I'd like to re-read this year and I'm not counting those on my book list. I also thought that ten would leave enough margin for new books that I pick up during the year. Something new I'd like to incorporate into my reading this year is the use of audio books. I think between Audible and library digital rentals I can fit in a few audiobooks throughout the year! I've talked about my night time routine before, but I have to revisit it because it's truly one of my favorite parts of the day. Those 15-30…

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This week was a bit busier than I imagined it would be, mostly because it flew by much too quickly and my list of things to do grew longer as the days went by. Oh and then there's that whole flash flood thing that happened on Wednesday. But honestly I like a full week. It makes me feel accomplished. It's always a good feeling knowing you gave 150% at work and at home! And it just so happens that I have the perfect reward for a hardworking week lined up for the weekend, I'm getting out of the city for a church retreat. I honestly couldn't be more excited. While living in the city can be a lot of fun, I miss being out in the country and enjoying the fresh air and open…



A tradition I adopted a couple of years ago is to select a "word of the year" during my goal setting process. I typically start thinking and praying about where the Lord will guide my goals and usually a word or two will pop out. Some years it takes a little time to find my word. But this year it was abundantly clear what my word would be. Yep, my word for 2017 is WELL.  After spending most of 2016 in survival mode, I just feel like the Lord is calling me to put a strong focus on wellness this year. Living well. Loving well. Being well. Accepting that it is well. The word is just perfect for the new season of life I'm finding myself in, the calm after the storm if you will.…


2017 + January Goals

I've given myself a little longer than I normally do to dream up and pray over my goals for the year. And I'm finding that I'm feeling great about the things I'm setting out to accomplish this year. The best part about goal setting, in my opinion, is that there aren't any rules. There's no particular date that you have to start or finish. The goals themselves aren't written in stone. You can tweak and adjust or, heck, all together change them, as you see fit. (more…)


hello 2017

Oh how happy I am to see you, 2017. I'm usually not one who gets too excited about a new year. That's a reflection of my sometimes practical side (haha!). There's nothing magical about January 1st, am I right? BUT this new year is a big deal to me. If you're interested in finding out why, keep reading. (more…)


Merry Christmas – OOO

My out of office (OOO) is up and I'm signing off for the holidays! I wish y'all a very merry and blessed Christmas! I'll be back next year with lots of fresh content that I'm excited to share with you! Until then... xo, Amber


The Coziest Pajamas

To be honest, I have a major thing for pajamas. Like major. It's been that way for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I absolutely adored my Disney Princess night gowns (complete with frilly bows and tulle detail). Twenty plus years later, my fondness of pjs has only intensified while my actual jams have significantly improved from the days of Disney duds. I know sooo many people who make buying new pajamas for Christmas Eve a tradition. Seriously, what a cute and fun tradition to open up new jammies on Christmas Eve and wake up looking so cute in the morning. Love! While my family hasn't adopted this tradition (Mom if you're reading this, why haven't we?), but I still use the holidays as an excuse to indulge in new…


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What. A. Week. This week was quite busy, in the best possible sense. Last night was my company's Christmas party and it was a blast! Seriously with a theme like Western Casino night, how could it not be a good time? So while I'm plenty tired today, I'm still looking forward to another fun company event tonight! (I didn't know about the company's amazing social calendar until after I had already signed up, added bonus? Umm yes!) And after a full week of work and fun outings, I'm planning on taking it pretty easy this weekend. I'm still really enjoying my break from social media. I honestly didn't think that I would last this long without it. This break has just been all around so good for me. One of the best benefits? If I…