Weekend Edit

Well, another week is in the books friends! And what a week it was! On Tuesday, I got to attend one of my favorite PR events of the year with Clarins. This was the third time I had the privilege to attend their spring preview, and every year it seems to get better and better! I’ve already incorporated a few of their new products into my daily routine and can’t wait to tell you more about them!

This week at work felt like a particularly productive one, and that always feels so gratifying to me. I like to work, and I like to work hard. I’m a big believer in celebrating the little victories in your life and this week I had a few of those little victories at the office!

Now that February is in full swing, my after-work schedule seems to be filling up with various events/classes/bible studies/etc. And while all of those are things that I elect to do, it definitely can be a little tiring while I adjust to change in my schedule. So tbh I’m pretty exhausted as I sit here and type out this post. I’m definitely looking forward to a super low key weekend.

Somehow I stumbled across this Lilly Pulitzer + Starbucks collaboration for S’well Bottles on social media. I was all but giddy when I found three of the bottles at a local Starbucks! I mean how cute are they?! All the heart-eyed emojis! Word is that these little babies weren’t suppose to go on sale until this coming Tuesday, however some stores are putting them out early. According to a manager I spoke with, there are four designs total. While some stores are getting a large stock, others are only getting a single set of four to sell. If you’re hoping to score one of these, I recommend calling your local stores and asking to put one on hold. Happy hunting!

Currently Loving

Apple TV – Since ditching my cable tv service last month, I decided to upgrade my Apple TV to the new model. Y’all this thing is so cool! It was definitely worth the investment and I’m already getting so much use out of it. I don’t even miss cable! Oddly enough, my favorite feature is Siri (I never use her on my iPhone), but she is super useful on the tv.

Clicklist – Ordering groceries online is my new jam. Seriously, though. I can place my order in the morning, then swing by the store on my drive home after work and someone loads my car with my order. Oh and the fee is a mere $4.95. To me it’s well worth the price of a cup of coffee to save the time and hassle of the busy stores.

Currently Watching

Santa Clarita Diet – I decided to give this show a chance because, well, Drew Barrymore. Duh. And I ended up loving it! It’s a great mix of comedy and drama, with a funky zombie element thrown in. I’m hoping there’s a second season!

This is Us – I’m finally going to get on the bandwagon and see what this show is all about. Everyone who mentions it to me basically tells me to prepare to feel all the feels. 

Currently Eyeing

All the kitchen organization things! Brighton’s post has me wanting to re-organize my entire kitchen.

Madewell’s new arrivals have my heart skipping a beat. Especially this, this, and this!

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