All About Valentine’s Day

Get ready friends! Valentine’s day is almost here. Whether you look forward to this day or totally dread it, I’ve thought of a few ways to hopefully help you enjoy the day a little more. When I was a kid (okay even through high school), Valentine’s day meant two things: Mama making heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and receiving fun candy treats from classmates. In college, my Dad would surprise me with beautiful flowers and a lunch date. Now that I’m in the real world (#adulting) Valentine’s day can easily become an overly fantasized or unreasonably cynical holiday. I, however, have decided to make it neither.

For me, Valentine’s day is all about showing the people in your life that you care about them. Instead of wondering what others will do for you or what surprises the day may hold for you, focus your attention on doing special things for others. It’s soo much more fun to give than to receive, and you just might make someone’s entire week by spreading some love on Valentine’s day. After all, isn’t it so nice to know that someone’s thinking of you? I think so!


At Home:

Heart shaped breakfast foods are a personal favorite and can be a super fun way to start the day. Some ideas to consider: pancakes, waffles, muffins, and biscuits are all pretty easy to make in the shape of a heart. If you live with roommates, maybe wake up early and make a fresh pot of coffee and unload the dishwasher even if it’s not your turn.

At Work:

Surprise your colleagues with fresh donuts or bagels! Bringing any kind of food into the office is a sure fire way to brighten up everyone’s morning.

For Friends:

Sending snail mail is sadly becoming a thing of the past, so mailing out cute Valentines to your best girl friends can be a super fun surprise for them! I love the Dollar Spot at Target for finding the cutest cards. I swear, they never disappoint! Or if cards aren’t your thing, round up your best gals and plan a Valentine’s happy hour sometime during the week of the 14th. Order a couple of bottles of rose and┬álet the celebrating begin!

For Your Significant Other:

In my honest opinion, I don’t think couples should go crazy on this one. Like I mentioned above it’s all about showing someone you care and are thinking of them. Fellas, you can never ever go wrong with flowers. And you don’t have to spend a fortune. Trader Joe’s has some of the best deals around – trust me on this. For $4.99 you can get a beautiful arrangement of 8 roses. I buy them all the time and they last for over a week. Ladies, offer to cook your guy a meal or if you’re not comfortable in the kitchen, suggest the two of you cook together. It’s not about making the fanciest meal, but instead about putting in the effort and doing something for someone else. You can be thoughtful by having your guy’s favorite cocktail ready and preparing his favorite dessert for after the meal.

For Strangers:

Look for opportunities in your day to show kindness to┬ásomeone who crosses your path. Maybe pay for the coffee for the car behind you at Starbucks. Or be extra patient during your morning commute. If you’re really bold, buy a dozen roses or carnations and hand them out to whoever you see. (I’ve been the recipient of a rose in this way and it was such a fun surprise!)

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