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2017 Book List

One of my favorite things about the new year is putting together a brand new book list! I've decided to only pick ten new books to read this year. I settled on this number since there are a number of titles I'd like to re-read this year and I'm not counting those on my book list. I also thought that ten would leave enough margin for new books that I pick up during the year. Something new I'd like to incorporate into my reading this year is the use of audio books. I think between Audible and library digital rentals I can fit in a few audiobooks throughout the year! I've talked about my night time routine before, but I have to revisit it because it's truly one of my favorite parts of the day. Those 15-30…


What I’ve Been Reading

My day doesn't quite feel complete until I curl into bed and read at least a few pages of a book. Over the last few months, I've created somewhat of a little routine (more…)