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March Goals

February went by fast and furiously. So many fun and good things happened this past month, though honestly I can't help but get a little emotional when I think back to how difficult February was last year. After a sudden death in my family, my struggle with anxiety reached an all time high and it was hard to imagine life ever feeling "normal" again. So for that reason, I don't take for granted the good days, because I can remember all too well the rawness of the super tough days. If you're in a difficult season, remember that it's just that, a season, and it won't go on forever. :) I hope y'all are okay with me getting so real with you. I don't write this blog to appear to be anything other than…

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February Goals

I honestly feel like the month of January went by nice and slowly. I enjoyed easing into the new year and getting a nice grip on making the most out of my new schedule. The first two weeks of the month weren't the most productive outside of work, but I definitely got my act together for the latter half of the month and am content with the progress I made towards my yearly and monthly goals. Getting to put a check mark next to each goal you set out to achieve can be gratifying, but I find it even more satisfying to think about how the month went on a deeper level. The underlying themes of my January were 1) to say yes to more fruitful uses of my time and say no to distractions…



A tradition I adopted a couple of years ago is to select a "word of the year" during my goal setting process. I typically start thinking and praying about where the Lord will guide my goals and usually a word or two will pop out. Some years it takes a little time to find my word. But this year it was abundantly clear what my word would be. Yep, my word for 2017 is WELL.  After spending most of 2016 in survival mode, I just feel like the Lord is calling me to put a strong focus on wellness this year. Living well. Loving well. Being well. Accepting that it is well. The word is just perfect for the new season of life I'm finding myself in, the calm after the storm if you will.…


2017 + January Goals

I've given myself a little longer than I normally do to dream up and pray over my goals for the year. And I'm finding that I'm feeling great about the things I'm setting out to accomplish this year. The best part about goal setting, in my opinion, is that there aren't any rules. There's no particular date that you have to start or finish. The goals themselves aren't written in stone. You can tweak and adjust or, heck, all together change them, as you see fit. (more…)


December Goals

I could probably say this each month, but November really flew by! The month was filled with some exciting surprises. There's something quite fun thing about setting goals. They are simply benchmarks that we aim towards. They aren't set in stone. They aren't permanent. We can change them as life happens. (more…)


November Goals

I can hardly believe that the year is almost over. With two months left in 2016, there's still plenty of time to finish the year strong. After all of the changes that August and September brought to my life, October was a month of adjusting and settling in to a new normal. The month flew by somewhat eventless. (more…)